Exfoliating the skin with AHA fruit acids.

Smooth and bright complexion. This is what every woman wants to have. If you want it as well, check a few ways to make your face beautiful. The best remedy is using AHA fruit acids. How to perform this exfoliating treatment at home?

Glycolic, almond and lactic acids are the most commonly used for the removal of dead skin cells. Why? They are extraordinarily effective as they gently remove calloused skin layer, cleanse the pores, control the work of sebaceous glands and prevent excess sebum production. What is more, they regenerate the epidermis and strengthen the bonds between skin cells. If you want to do AHA acid treatment at home, remember to use cosmetics with low concentration of active substances. Choose the ones which contain up to 10% of the acids. The products are perfectly safe; they are suitable even for very sensitive face skin.

Prepare your skin properly before applying AHA acids. Use a cleansing toner and then do an exfoliating scrub. Remember about creams with sunscreen. They will prevent burns and discoloured skin. Do not depilate the skin or pluck the eyebrows a day before the treatment to avoid additional irritation.

How to use the acids? Apply them in the evening so that the skin can regenerate throughout the night. Spread the preparation containing AHA acids onto the skin of face, neck and chest; avoid the eye area. Massage the skin for a while to enhance the absorption of the cosmetic, firm up the skin and improve blood circulation. Every day apply products with sunscreen, avoid strong make-up and remember about thorough make-up removal. Use creams offering moisturising action. Effects? Your skin will be supple, smooth and radiant. Discolouration and fine lines will disappear, the face oval will get improved whereas the skin pores will be cleansed.

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