BB, CC, DD – creamy beauty alphabet

Nowadays, BB creams are the most popular beauty products in the cosmetic department. There are no women who did not try it out at least once. In a short period of time, drugstore bookshelves started filling up with the following alphabet letters: CC and DD creams…What are they, what is the difference between them?

BB – Blemish Balm. It is the oldest of the well-known beautifying products. Its formula was developed in the 60’s of the twentieth century. The product started its career as a specialized product that aimed to soothe skin irritations and support processes of healing – especially after plastic surgeries. The product perfectly camouflages redness and hides imperfections. BB cream is valued mainly for evening out the skin tone.

CC – colour control cream or colour correcting cream

It works a bit differently than its softer version – BB. CC cream combines the moisturising properties of a face cream, a foundation and a concealer of high coverage. The main task of CC cream is to hide imperfections. Such product perfectly mattifies and covers up any skin changes: acne, scars, redness and broken capillaries. CC also protects the skin from damaging effects of UV radiation. In comparison to Blemish Balm, it provides higher coverage level, while having a lighter formula than heavy foundations.

DD – or Dynamic For All

DD cream provides an extra weapon to fight for beautiful skin: it has anti-wrinkle properties. The cosmetic has high coverage, it conceals imperfections, provides a fresh look and additionally, reduces fine lines. It allows mature skin to regain youthful appearance. The first cream DD has been launched by a brand called Julep. According to the producer, the cream has to “do it all” – to nurture, moisturise, nourish, correct, mask and rejuvenate the skin. If it will actually work, it is likely to become a cosmetic genius… and this is what we all wish for.

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