Raspberry seed oil. What do you need it for?

Surely, you have eaten raspberries many times. Their sweet flavour can while away summer evenings. You might not know, that oil is extracted from the tiny seeds of this fruit. What is more, there is a wide range of properties of such product. Find out for yourself.

Raspberry seed oil is very expensive due to two reasons.

  • First of all, to cold press a small container of this oil we need dozens of kilograms of fresh fruit. It is hard to obtain it, therefore it is considered to be a luxury product.
  • Secondly, raspberry oil is best tested for valuable properties, among other oils derived from berries.

Unfortunately, the oil does not have a raspberry scent, as the name implies. Although it is cold pressed from raspberry seed it smells and tastes more like nuts, with only a slight hint of fruit. What is more, it is absorbed very quickly and absolutely does not irritate the skin.

What are the properties of raspberry seed oil?

    Raspberry oil is an excellent protective substance. It acts as a natural sunscreen, which can be used instead of dedicated cream filters. Raspberry seed oil absorbs a large part of the UV radiation.
    It is said that a number of oils are the best antioxidants. However, it is raspberry seed oil that shows the strongest antioxidant properties. The product can “sweep away” harmful free radicals. Additionally, it protects the skin against photo-ageing.
    Raspberry seed oil has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. It works well on sensitive, allergic and prone to irritation skin. It is recommended to use it for different skin problems, even burns or frostbite.
    Natural raspberry seed oil not only speeds up healing of wounds but also positively affects the weakened condition of the skin. This prevents clogging of sebaceous glands, eliminates the problem of blackheads and visibly improves skin appearance.
    Many women reach for specifics straight from nature, in order to inhibit skin ageing processes. Therefore, it is advisable to reach for the raspberry oil, which supports the production of collagen and elastin. Furthermore, it is responsible for skin elasticity and firmness, and even reduce wrinkles.

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