Do make-up brushes have a shelf life?

Food, pharmaceuticals and beauty products. They all have something in common – expiry date. Do make-up brushes have best-before date? It turns out they do. Check when to replace a brush with a new one to enjoy a beautiful make-up.

Make-up brushes are made of synthetic fibres, natural bristle or artificial materials. The quality of store accessories depends on the brand and the price. On the other hand, the most expensive make-up gadgets are not necessarily the best ones. The cheapest ones may prove to be the most effective. Keep in mind that all brushes have their expiry date. The appearance of the handle and the bristle as well as the finish effect of our make-up tell us when to buy a new set of brushes.

You should stop using a brush when the bristle falls out, deforms whereas individual hairs are broken. Such a brush has probably expired so replace it immediately. Besides, hairs that stick out may irritate the face skin and hinder precise application of cosmetics.

Do you know that you should replace your make-up brushes from time to time? Even when you think that they can serve you a few months more. You must get yourself a new brush when you cannot clean the applicator – coloured cosmetics, sebum, dust and other harmful substances have settled on it so if you keep using it, you can cause irritation. What is more, the brush with the leftovers of foundation or powder won’t do good. The dirt will prevent a perfect make-up.

If you have problems with spreading cosmetics thoroughly and you can see smudges on your face, replace your make-up brushes with new ones. You have used up your accessories. A suitable application is no longer possible due to water and soap that you used for washing the bristle and coloured cosmetics that you applied. Consequently, your make-up won’t look natural and beautiful.

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