Irreplaceable Cottonseed Oil. You Can Find It In These Products!

Cottonseed is produced when the seeds of cotton are processed. For a by-product, it has quite interesting qualities worth knowing. Read the review of products with cottonseed oil.

Can you believe that the history of cottonseed oil reaches 6 thousand years backwards? It was used in the ancient times but people were not aware of its properties. The production of cotton fibre and fabrics was flourishing at that time – cottonseed oil was produced at the same time. The ages were passing and people were learning more about this oil. Today, cottonseed oil is among the most commonly used in the kitchen and beauty care.

10 properties of cottonseed oil:

– It contains lots of antioxidants essential to keep health.

– It abounds in vitamin E that scares free radicals away.

– It is very resistant to oxidisation.

– You can add it to creams, balms and other products to enrich the effects.

– It has a delicate and neutral aroma.

– It is very solid.

– It is resistant to temperature.

– The proportion of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids is 3:1.

– It is invaluable in many dishes e.g. oriental cuisine.

– It works for damaged hair because it contains lots of omega-6 acids.

What effects does cottonseed oil deliver?

● It has the ability to repair and moisturise dry skin and reduce irritation. Cottonseed oil excellently nourishes because it penetrates the skin. It can be used by allergy-sufferers or people with sensitive skin. It works for the skin with first signs of ageing. It provides anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy action and stimulates the repair of the epidermis.

● When it comes to hair benefits, cottonseed oil is perfect for damaged hair. It provides full care and moisture and locks in the precious water. It makes the hair soft, smooth and beautifully shiny. The strands are much easier to comb. Cottonseed oil is most popular as a product for hair ends because it provides them with strength and protection.


Hair Oil – Nanoil for High Porosity Hair

The oil brings maximum effects thanks to the ideal composition. It consists of six vegetable oils (almond, argan, evening primrose, avocado, maracuja, cottonseed) that perfectly match the structure of damaged hair. Their properties complement each other. Nanoil Hair Oil is excellently absorbed thus it works both on the hair surface and inside the strands, rebuilding keratin structure and reinforcing the bondings. It conditions, increases gloss, smooths, adds elasticity and facilitates combing; no worries about frizzy hair. The oil keeps the scalp healthy, controls the function of sebaceous glands and soothes irritation. It is suitable for dry or wet hair oiling, overnight or during the day. You can use it just the way you like. The black bottle with golden elements looks perfect. The product includes: Gossypium Herbaceum Seed Oil.

Nanoil Hair Oil is also available in two other versions.

Sisleÿa L’Integral Face Cream

Both its price and action are said to be shocking. It is not a regular face cream. It is an innovative anti-ageing full skin care. It hinders three dimensions of ageing: genetic, behavioral and environmental. The cream is intended for dry or dehydrated skin. It smooths wrinkles, moisturises the skin and adds bounce. The product contains: Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Seed Oil.

Jungle Botanics Forest Leaves

A cleansing shampoo that comes in a set with a conditioner. It is composed of as many as 13 natural oils and 12 plant extracts. Its composition is very natural, free from silicones and phthalates. It cleanses the scalp, balances pH. Thanks to the mentholated substances, the shampoo cools the scalp and reduces the feeling of itchiness. It lathers well and effectively cleanses the hair. The product contains: Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Seed Oil.

Douglas Lipstick Matte

An ideally matte lipstick by Douglas. It is available in 16 shades and delivers amazing finishing. It makes the lips velvety smooth. The lipstick coats the lips with an intense matte colour and nourishes thanks to several oils and plant extracts. The product includes: Hydrogenated Cotton Seed Oil.

Shu Uemura Texture Wave

The combination of a hair spray and dry shampoo. The product is great for those who want to boost volume at the roots. It gives easy styling and keeps hair bouncy. It freshens up the hair and absorbs the excess of applied oils. The product contains Gossypium Herbaceum Oil / Cotton Seed Oil.