How to look… bad? Tips and tricks on how to worsen your skin condition.

Do you find the girls from the Instagram funny because they spend their entire morning on hair-styling and doing the perfect make-up? Wasting money on cosmetics which later only take up too much space in the bathroom makes no sense to you? A dressing table with a big mirror is, in your opinion, a waste of money and another piece of furniture to clutter the house seems useless? If your answers are yes, welcome to the club of girls who will do anything to look bad.

First of all, make-up removal is your enemy

Why even bother doing a make-up removal, cleansing your skin and moisturising your face? Undoubtedly, you would rather be in your bed, on your soft pillow covered with your cosy blanket. Not so fast! Make-up removal is as much important as the evening shower and brushing your teeth. If you decide not to remove any cosmetics from your face, soon, you will see irritations, acne and horrible pimples on your face. What is more, your duvet and sheets will accumulate bacteria that will worsen your skin condition even more.

Secondly, sunbathe all day

You do not have to use sunscreen! Stay in a broad sunlight throughout the day and if you feel it is not enough, go to a tanning studio. After all, a chocolate skin tone looks so nice…Maybe this is true, however, have you ever thought what is going on in your organism when exposing it to the harmful solar radiation? And it is not about the production of vitamin D which is extremely essential! During long sunbaths, your skin is danger which may lead to sunburns, wrinkles and pigmentations. Furthermore, it might also cause production of tumour cells and consequently lead to very serious diseases.

Thirdly, cigarettes, alcohol & fast foods

If you smoke, drink alcohol and eat unhealthy, your skin will definitely show the results of such behaviour. Pigmentation marks will shortly show up, followed by wrinkles, companied by yellow fingers and grey teeth. What is more, you will not be able to moisturise your skin thoroughly and your belly will grow bigger. Do you know what it means? It is your body simply drying out and growing in fat. However, it is enough to change your lifestyle, introduce foods rich in vitamins in to your diet and quit smoking. You will see that your skin will be extremely grateful to you and pay you back in a great a flawless look.

Last but not least, do not sleep

Did you know that eight hours is the recommended dose of sleep for an adult? Up to eight hours! Can you imagine it? Just think what you could do during this period of time. Go to a party with your friends, watch your favourite TV series, talk with your friends on Facebook, browse through Instagram posts, eat… and do not worry that at night your skin regenerates, cosmetic ingredients easily penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin, and the imperfections become less visible. How is it possible? At night, the whole body rests, and the next day you wake up rested, beautiful and attractive.

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