Eyebrow marker – Which one to choose and how to use it?

Cosmetic market is lately taken over by eyebrow markers. These are great solution for all women who suffer from thin eyebrows with irregular shape. Thanks to markers, you can create perfect make-up in a matter of few moments.

Eyebrow marker looks similar to eye liner in pen. It is mostly available in few shades dedicated for blondes, brunettes and brown-haired women. Product is long lasting and guarantees impeccable eyebrow make-up. Furthermore, it is really comfortable to work with if only you master arcana of make-up with its use.

How to perform eyebrow make-up with eyebrow marker?

Method number 1 – involves creation of eyebrow contour and providing them with desired shape. To do that, draw a line on the lower eyebrow edge to stress the lower boundary. Now you just have to fill contour in places where eyebrows are particularly thin or where are some deficits. It is best to underline outer end of the brow ridge and leave the inner end the most natural. This way eyebrow make-up will be precise and deprived of grotesque fake.

Method number 2 – is a proposition for fans of natural make-up. It involves drawing delicate lines on the entire eyebrow line or just in these areas, that require to be filled. Eyebrow marker has very thin tip, that allows application hair by hair. Intensity and shape of eyebrows will change, but at the same time eyebrow will not lose its naturalness.

Which eyebrow markers are the best?

  • Eyebrow marker The One from Oriflame – available in one, universal colour. Product has great pigmentation and is extremely long lasting. It will hold throughout the day without even minor touch ups.
  • Longlasting Brow Definer from Catrice – this brand is known for great cosmetics in an affordable price. In its offer it holds markers in three shades. This product is resistant to smudging, it will even survive visit to the swimming pool.
  • Make up Revolution – double sided eyebrow marker with a pencil. This cosmetic has available 3 shades. Eyebrow marker is used to underline brow ridge and a pencil to fill deficits. Its affordable and well pigmented.
  • High quality eyebrow marker has also NYX. These are well pigmented, blend in perfectly and dry real fast. This product will hold throughout the day and survive any weather.

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