Supplements for Hair Growth: How do they work?

If you want to have long and thick hair, there are plenty of ways that can help you grow a beautiful mane. One of them are the widely-accessible supplements for hair growth. Indeed, there are many “hair pills” to pick and choose from, but are they really effective? If they are, what should they be made from? Is it even worth spending money on such products?

The popularity of food supplements that are supposed to promote hair growth and fast-track your way to getting this long hair is pretty high. And this trend is nothing surprising because almost every woman wishes to grow fabulous, long and thick hair overnight without spending plenty of time on various and often tedious day-to-day hair treatments such as application of cosmetic vegetable oils or scalp conditioners.

Therefore, it is high time to find out whether hair growth vitamins can really speed up the process of natural hair extension, if it is worth taking such products and if so, which supplements should you reach for to get the desired results. Here is a compendium of supplements for hair growth.

The way supplements for hair growth work

The majority of products promoting hair growth that are currently available on the market are destined for external use, i.g. scalp lotions. However, it turns out that the substances delivered from within produce better results. How is that?

Supplements for hair growth are effective because the entire hair life cycle takes place in the follicles where the energy and power to grow is taken from – from within, from the body. And this is why the things you eat and drink are so important. Thus, supplying the body with the right substances (e.g. vitamins, minerals, proteins) is proven to be far more effective when you do this from within.

Still, the just-mentioned effectiveness depends on the ingredients the supplements are made from.

Ingredients used in supplements for hair growth

Whether the supplements work or not is strictly connected with their constituents. The same applies to shampoos, conditioners and scalp lotions, where the ingredients determine the effects that you can achieve. The rule is simple: the better the ingredients of hair growth pills are, the better the effects.

What can you find in supplements for hair growth? What ingredients should you look for? The most common substances used in hair pills are: horsetail, nettle, biotin and yeast. All of them are proven to make hair stronger, revived and repaired, but most of all, they promote hair growth.

When can you expect the first effects?

You have to be patient because supplements for hair growth do not produce immediate effects. The first few weeks or even months, are the deep hair repair and regeneration period, meaning that you will not notice much of a difference in terms of accelerated hair growth. With time, however, the supplements do make hair grow faster – even 3-4 centimetres (1.5 inches) a month. This is a lot although it is worth realizing that the effects depend on the initial state of the hair and whether you take the supplements regularly. Last but not least, the daily hair ritual also matters and it should not be neglected.

What supplements for hair growth to choose?

It is time for comparing the top hair growth supplements that you can find in regular and online shops. Which of them are worth taking? How do they work? How do they differ? Here are the most popular offerings for you.


Biotin is also known as vitamin H. This is a substance that has a positive effect on the state of the hair by stimulating keratin production (a hair building block), and this is how biotin is able to improve hair appearance even if the strands are damaged. It is worth realizing that biotin shortages are recognized as one of the most common causes of disturbed hair growth that often leads to hair brittleness. When damaged, hair either grows slowly, or does not grow at all. Supplements for hair growth with biotin visibly improve the hair, repairs it and helps it grow faster. 


A fairly common hair growth promoting combination of ingredients is a blend of horsetail and nettle both being rich in silicon and zinc – these two minerals are known for being essential for proper hair growth. Pills with horsetail ensures strong hair repair and strengthening, and the nettle is responsible for accelerated hair growth, which happens naturally. Therefore, using supplements for hair growth with horsetail and nettle is a fast way to strong, healthy and resilient hair that stops falling out. But what is the most important – hair supplied with nettle and horsetail grows quicker.


Yeast is one of the most common ingredients used in recipes for homemade hair care products promoting hair growth. No wonder why many supplements contain yeast too. Hair pills containing yeast is proven to speed up hair growth because it offers huge concentrations of vitamins and minerals that follicles need to produce long and healthy hair. However, there is one thing that should be born in mind – it is safer not to take yeast pills for longer periods of time.

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