Draping – New face contouring technique

There was face contouring with highlighter, bronzer and concealer. Now is time for draping, i.e. face contouring with blusher. Let’s see what this method looks like, so that you can be up to speed with all new beauty trends.

What is face contouring?

Contouring is a make-up technique, which can camouflage imperfections and underline face assets. By using cosmetics in right shades as well as accessories matching make-up you are about to perform, you can achieve truly stunning effect. While performing contouring remember about few basic rules. Firstly, applied cosmetics tap in skin in a way that will not leave any smudges or spots. Secondly, there is no need for application of several layers of products. One layer is enough – you will certainly look beautiful. Thirdly, light shade makes your face assets more visible, and darker will conceal too wide nose or high forehead.

What are known techniques of face contouring?

Very popular methods of face contouring are: strobing, clown contouring, baking face, bronzing. First of them, strobing, is a face contouring with highlighter. Thanks to it skin gains gloss, is radiant and fresh. Clown contouring is an application or concealers in colours of red, green and yellow. As a result your face looks like clown make-up. Baking face is based on application of powder in the strategic places of face where light falls and in the area of eyes. Bronzing is a face contouring with bronzer. Effect? Beautiful and even tan.

Draping – new face contouring technique

Draping is a make-up method that is based on application of blusher. What does this make-up have to offer? Your face will be optically slimmer, more radiant and fresh. Thanks to this cosmetic you can gain natural blush. How to perform face contouring accordingly to draping rules? Apply blusher on the cheek bones, forehead and by the hair line, bridge of the nose and neck. Best results can be achieved by using blusher with several shades locked in one compact packaging. What is more, you can also use few products in lighter and darker shades. Remember to rub blusher thoroughly; there mustn’t be any spots or smudges.

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