How to Repair Damaged Hands? 5 Top Rules to Follow

Winter, freezing weather, and hand sanitizers leave the skin dry, chapped, and simply not nice to look at. Of course there’s a remedy: we need to remember some basic rules.

Unlike the skin on other body parts, the skin on the hands is mostly equipped with sweat glands. Because it doesn’t have sebum glands, it is deprived of the protective layer and is easily affected by some changes and harmful outside factors. The winter aura, minus temperatures and dry air indoors as well as using sanitizers and washing the hands often leave them wrecked. See the best tips to help them.

Hand wash product you use is crucial

We need to keep the hands clean, especially in the pandemic. Remember to wash them often and do it thoroughly but use only mild washes, ideally made from natural ingredients. It’s good if your soap is enriched with a moisturizing substance. Use lukewarm water to avoid making the skin drier.

Should you use a sanitizer? Absolutely!

A year ago we didn’t need to bring up this topic. Now it’s changed. Hand sanitizer dispensers are all around us: at the stores, offices, plus we carry sanititzing sprays in our bags… To be effective, such products have to be based on ethyl or isopropyl alcohol in a min. 70% concentration. Only this percentage produces the desired antiseptic effect. At the same time, it dehydrates the skin, depriving it of the lipid layer. How to handle that? Every time you use a sanitizer, follow with a rich moisturizing cream. Also, avoid products with unknown substances. Try a DIY hand sanitizer based on pure alcohol and mild aloe gel.

Put your gloves on!

Naturally, it’s better to prevent than heal. This applies to hands too. Wearing gloves is a must in winter. We should protect the hands from the freeze and snow. Gloves are essential while cleaning the house to prevent harmful effects of detergents and dirt on the skin. While cleaning which involves use of water, we need rubber gloves. Cotton gloves work well for dusting, vacuuming, etc. We often forget that we should protect the hands while riding a bike or jogging.

Always have a hand lotion on hand!

A quality hand cream should be an essential in our bags. It helps repair damaged skin. Always rub it on after washing or disinfecting the hands to restore balance. Choose creams made from proper ingredients:

  • plant-based glycerin, a natural moisturizer.
  • vegetable oils and butters which soothe and repair irritated skin, delivering nutrients.
  • vitamins, ideally vitamins A and E which enhance the repair of epidermis.
  • urea, or a strong hydrator.

Remember to reapply your hand cream during the day regardless of the weather or season of the year. By doing so you repair damaged skin.

HAND SPA: a touch of luxury for your hands

Daily hand care is essential but it may prove insufficient. That is why we should treat our hands to spa from time to time. We can either go to the salon for a professional treatment or try to prepare hand spa at home. To repair hand skin at home, try the easiest DIY scrub made from sugar and olive oil: it removes dead cells, leaving the hands smooth and fresh. Next, apply a thick layer of rich cream and allow it to penetrate the skin. If you do it before bedtime, put the cotton gloves on to make the nutrients work better to fully repair your hand skin.

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