Hakuro make-up brushes – your best friends forever

Choosing proper make-up brushes should be your first step to a beautiful and professional make-up. It is worth remembering that they must be of high quality, otherwise they might bring more harm than good. However, keep in mind that this might be a little bit more expensive purchase. Consider this text as a guidance when choosing the best quality brushes. It is a brand that will never disappoint you.

One of the most popular companies that produce beauty tools is a brand called Hakuro. Brushes created by this brand will serve you for many years. Hakuro has already conquered the whole Europe. Many famous make-up artists use these products in their professional work. Hakuro has in its offer dozens of brushes, both synthetic and natural fibre. Which one should you buy to create a fully satisfactory set?

  1. Foundation brush. Should be very dense and preferably made of synthetic bristles. Liquid foundation is easy to clean of this type of fibre. The ideal will be the brush Hakuro H50 (flat, also useful for applying mineral foundations) or its rounded version – Hakuro H53.
  2. Blush/Bronzer brush – the best will be fluffy and angled type, for example H21 (natural fibres) or H24 (synthetic). This brush must be adequate to the consistency of the product that we intend to use
    If you prefer liquid blush for your cheeks, choose a synthetic version of a brush. Angled brush can also be used for contouring the face – to do this, use only its tip.
  3. Eyeshadow and concealer brushes. For a full make-up you will have to choose two brushes. A longer fluffy one like H79 that will allow you to both, apply the shade on your eyelid and blend it well. To emphasize the lower lashline and some smaller parts, the most recommend is Hakuro H76. It is a very useful tool for the application of an eyeshadow, brightening the inner corner of the eye and intensifying the outer corner. It looks extremely effective when using this brush you achieve the effect of a blurred pigment on your lower lashline.
  4. Eyebrow brush. The best brush for filling and shaping your eyebrows is Hakuro H85. It will be perfect for drawing define lines on the eyelid and even for full lip make-up (pointy part will be used to outline the contour of the lips, and inverted flat will ideally fill them with colour.)

This is all. Five brushes will allow you to create the perfect make-up like a pro.

As soon as you become more comfortable with doing your own make-up, you might enlarge your collection by buying another three very useful brushes. We are talking about H15, H14 (bigger version) – perfect for contouring and highlighting. Hakuro H77 will allow you to achieve more effects on the eyelid, because its fluffy bristles are arranged in a slight point. If you like to use liquid eyeliner, make sure to reach for the especially designed thin brush.

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