Younger and more beautiful skin? Try Astor Lift Me Up

Every woman wants to look beautiful and young. However, what can you do when the Mother Nature is not so generous and covers your face with wrinkles? Do not worry, cosmetics Astor Lift Me Up will help you preserve impeccably smooth skin.

In the Lift Me Up line are foundation, concealer and BB cream. All of the products have flattening wrinkles properties, conceal skin imperfections and eliminate dark circles around the eyes. They make skin firm and radiant and at the same time younger and more beautiful. Cosmetics from Astor contain plenty of valuable ingredients, which nourish and condition mature skin.

Lift Me Up 10 in 1 Anti Ageing BB Cream will help you deal with 10 signs of skin ageing. After all this cosmetic: nourishes, moisturises, makes skin complexion even, provides it with radiant appearance, rejuvenates, smoothers, flattens wrinkles, conceals skin imperfections and protects against sun radiation. BB Cream from Astor can easily replace foundation and moisturising cream. It is available in two shades, which match light and dark skin complexion. On top of that, this cosmetic consists of SPF 20.

Lift Me Up Anti-Ageing Concealer, highlights and smoothers skin in the eyes area, covers dark circles around the eyes, inhibits signs of ageing, conditions and nourishes. It contains vitamins C and E, which are responsible for improvement of skin appearance and its condition. How should you use concealer from Astor? Small amount of the cosmetic apply under the eyes and brow ridge, then blend it with the foundation. Remember that the thicker layer of concealer you apply the more visible appear to be wrinkles around the eyes.

Lift Me Up Anti-Ageing Foundation, flattens minor wrinkles, moisturises and nourishes skin, protects against sun radiation, lightens discolourations, makes skin complexion even and skin looks much younger and more beautiful. Moreover, it consists of vitamin E and sunscreen, which provide beautiful appearance on the daily basis. Lift Me Up Foundation is available in few shades: Rose Beige, Nude, Sand, Peachy, Beige and Amber.

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