Dry, thin and frizzy hair? Replace your hair mask and conditioner with an oil!

Styling products, dry air from radiators, saltwater, hot air emitted by the blow-dryer, hair straightening – this is a blacklist of care that damages the hair very quickly. Instead of adding another silicone-based lotion, it’s better to reach for … natural oils!

Tugging and pulling the hair, bad weather, a blow-dryer … additionally, there are also silicones, parabens and other comedogenic substances in cosmetics, which unfortunately do not improve the appearance of the hair. The paradox is that to regenerate damaged hair, we often reach for masks and balms without even being aware of how unfriendly their compositions are. Meanwhile, the secret of beautiful hair is based on appropriate, high-grade natural ingredients that:

  • will stimulate the hair bulb and the scalp
  • will regenerate the hair from within
  • will beautify and protect the hair from the outside
  • do not contain any silicones, parabens or any other synthetic substances. 

This is how only one group of substances can work: natural oils. They are safe and extremely effective. In India, hair oiling is a treatment offered by the majority of hair salons. It outclasses even the Keratin Hair Treatments or the latest hair-regenerating hit – Olaplex.

Natural hair oils for oil hair treatment – what do they contain?

Oils contain a wealth of active substances. Each of which has a slightly different composition and a variety of essential fatty acids, therefore, when choosing them for the hair care purposes, they must match the particular hair type (hair porosity) and its condition. Natural oil comprises:

  • vitamins – depending on the particular oil, the number of vitamins can range from a few to a dozen or so. The most important vitamins for hair include vitamin C, E, A and most of group B. One of the best balance of vitamins appears in avocado oil – there are seven of them, all necessary for healthy hair growth and beautiful appearance
  • saturated and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids – these are one of the most beneficial substances that positively affect the health and appearance of skin and hair. They are responsible for improving processes taking place in skin cells, improve and strengthen the structure of hair, support cell-division and block free radicals in the body
  • minerals – their role in the body is invaluable; they care for the proper condition of the hair follicles, they ensure the proper amount of oxygen in the cells, inhibit hair loss, balance the synthesis of proteins (including keratin), improve hair growth, give the hair flexibility and vitality.  The most important minerals valuable for hair, which contain natural oils are: zinc, iodine, copper, silicon, selenium, iron, sulfur
  • squalene – is an ingredient of human sebum, which balances its level, prevents both excessive greasing and drying of the scalp; is invaluable not only in the care of the scalp but also for acne or dry skin
  • phytosterols – they have the ability to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and therefore provide anti-ageing prophylaxis, at the same time accelerating the regeneration of cells and strengthen hair up to the ends
  • flavonoids – take great care of the scalp, strengthen the subcutaneous circulation, oxygenate the cells and prevent premature ageing of the skin; they regenerate, soothe inflammation, stimulate hair follicles to work, and provide anti-aging action. 

How do natural oils work for the hair? – effects of hair oiling 

It is enough to perform hair oiling once a week (if you have extremely dry hair you can do it slightly more often); after a few treatments, the hair will become stronger, its level of hydration will increase and the structure will improve.

Natural oils can be used not only in the form of a mask with rinsing and washing, but also in the form of a serum dedicated to the har ends, and – with very damaged hair – several times a day to provide it with a proper dose of nourishment and prevent frizziness. The effects of using hair oils is a never-ending list of advantages. It is worth mentioning the most important ones:

  • oils regenerate hair from the inside
  • they fight hair dryness and brittleness
  • oils improve hair shine and condition
  • they protect the hair against damage
  • oils protect the hair against high temperatures
  • they regenerate hair roots
  • oils inhibit hair loss
  • they stimulate hair growth
  • oils cleanse and nourish the scalp
  • they bring relief to scalp irritations, fight dandruff
  • oils oxygenate skin cells

Hair oiling – how to apply oils to the hair?

First of all, gently warm the oil up in your hands or in a water bath and apply to the hair and scalp, starting from the roots and heading towards the ends of the hair.

It is worth doing a delicate scalp massage, which will stimulate blood circulation and increase oil absorbability. Next, wrap your hair in a towel or put on a shower cap and keep the oil in for at least 30 minutes. After this time, you can apply a natural mask to the hair for a moment (the oil will be washed away more easily), then, rinse everything out of the hair and wash it with a mild shampoo. All done! Your hair will gain strength, vitality and shine.

The oil can also be added to your favorite conditioner – just a few drops to intensify the action of the cosmetic and improve the condition of the hair.

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