No Brow Trend Explained! Should You Get the Look?

As far as beauty goes, 2020 was all about soap brows. Thick, bold brows were wanted by nearly all women. This was surely a hard time for fair-skinned blondes. Here’s a treat for them! What’s a no brow trend?

No brows… Should you shave them?!

Don’t worry: no brows is a kind of make-up that enhances your eyebrows softly. The 2021 trends tell us to go for the no-make-up make-up, looking natural and subtle, including the brows. What’s interesting, it’s totally different from the bushy, big brows from the last season. So, we focus on making the brows lighter, not darker. The rule is simple: the lighter, the better! Your brows are supposed to look sun-kissed. They shouldn’t be striking. You should look like you have no brows at first sight, actually. This type of make-up is to draw attention to the eyes and slenderize the facial features.

Latest make-up trends: no brows

There are over 50k #nobrows photos on Instagram! They show both artistic and everyday make-up. Tilda Swinton is one of the women big on natural-looking make-up. Her barely-there brows are known as much as she is. The British actress shows it’s best to have your own style instead of trying to follow all trends which change rapidly.

Irreversible changes? Not necessarily!

Before you decide on permanent brow bleaching, give no brows a try by applying some powder or foundation on the brows. It’s a good way to see if changing your natural color of brows is worth the effort. You’re spoilt for choice as far as bleaching products go (e.g. Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach for Face, Jolen Creme Bleach Mild Formula). There’s also a natural way to get the no brows look: rub some lemon juice on the brow hair. Nevertheless, always remember to choose things that make you feel best. It looks like 2021 will bring good changes. We hope the natural look will stay for longer.

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