4 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil enjoys great popularity both in cooking and beauty routines. It shouldn’t be surprising, though. It has lots of health and beauty benefits, is easily accessible, natural, and multi-purpose. So, incorporating it into your daily routine is definitely worthwhile. See 4 beauty uses for coconut oil below.

1. Hair

Coconut oil is infused into many hair products but you can use it solo. There are two best ways to try:

Hair oil treatment

You put coconut oil on dry hair (or dampened with flower water). After massaging the oil in, put on a shower cap. After minimum an hour, apply a conditioner, and then shampoo the hair. This is a recipe for smooth, luminous hair and healthier scalp.

Spoon of coconut oil plus your favorite conditioner

This is a quicker way to make use of coconut oil in hair care. The oil boosts performance of your conditioner. Hair smells lovely and looks lustrous.

2. Hands

If you’ve got dry, cracked skin on the hands and even professional creams fail, try coconut oil! The oil will moisturize and soften the skin in a record time. Feel free to massage it into the nails to make them stronger.

3. Make-up removal

Using oils for taking make-up off is getting more and more popular. Coconut oil is good for this purpose. It dissolves make-up products (waterproof as well!) by combining with lipids in the skin. It can even be used for removing eye make-up because it doesn’t cause any irritations. What’s interesting even girls who have acne-prone skin like to use coconut oil for taking make-up off. Remember to prevent dryness and apply a moisturizer.

4. Teeth

Coconut oil pulling has been known since ancient times. The method involves putting some oil in the mouth and swishing for several minutes. Next, spit the oil out, don’t swallow it. What are the benefits of this natural mouthwash? Firstly, coconut oil removes the odour, and, secondly, it alleviates inflamed gums. Additionally, this oil has a whitening effect so it is a great natural remedy making the teeth whiter.

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