Waxing – step by step

Ingrown hairs, unnecessary hairiness, little moustache… Many women struggle with such problems. If you want to enjoy smooth skin, do waxing. The treatment allows you to get rid of unwanted hairs for a long time. Check what can be done to enjoy beautiful body.

Who is waxing for?

It is recommended to those who have sensitive skin and those whose hair grows very quickly. Women as well as men can make use of wax hair removal. The contraindications are: skin diseases, varices, broken blood vessels. What is more, the treatment is not recommended to those who have fresh scars, minor wounds and damaged epidermis. If you are pregnant, you should not use wax.

How to prepare for the depilation?

The most important thing is… growing the hair. 1 cm long hair is the easiest to remove. Shorter hair will not stick to the wax strip thus the treatment will be imprecise. If you have longer hairs, depilation may be unpleasant and irritation may occur afterwards. Bear in mind that you cannot use sunbeds, sauna or spray tanning a few days before the hair removal. Do not apply balms, creams or oils which leave greasy layer – they will prevent the wax strip from sticking precisely to the skin. Do an exfoliating scrub a day before depilation. In this way, you will exfoliate dead skin cells whereas ingrown hairs will be easier to remove.

How to do waxing?

Apply a warmed wax strip to cleansed skin, press it firmly. When the wax penetrates into the hair follicles, quickly rip it off against the direction of hair growth. This is how you remove bulbs as well as hairs. As a result, the effects last up to four weeks. There are several methods of waxing. The most popular ones are: hard wax and strip wax. Hair can be removed from every part of the body and face.

Skin care after waxing

The skin is irritated and reddened after the depilation. In order to soothe the irritation, use cosmetics which contain aloe vera, panthenol and other cooling ingredients. Give up on tanning, exercises and hot baths. You may observe that your hairs grow in after the depilation. Apply products which offer softening properties and slow down hair growth.

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