No. 6 Lash Boost eyelash serum

Capacity: 3 ml

Catrice proposes Lash Boost eyelash serum. Many women like this product. It is effective but it is not one of the most effective eyelash growth serums. Characteristic black and white Lash Boost eyelash serum comes in useful when nourishing the lashes is the most important to you. Sadly, that is all we get.

Lash Boost eyelash serum

It looks very nice. Its design stands out among other products. The plastic vial is black and white. Lash Boost serum has a silver top with a thin brush. Although it costs little, it looks really impressive. However, we are more interested in the effects. The action of this light clear formula is far more important.

How does Lash Boost eyelash serum work?

The manufacturer presents Lash Boost as a night eyelash growth serum. It refers to two qualities of the product – it is applied every evening, it boosts hair growth. Theoretically, the eyelashes should get 18% longer. In practice, the results are varied. Catrice Lash Boost serum definitely improves eyelash condition and has a positive influence on their health. You can observe the effect of extension and prettier lashes after more or less four weeks.

Application method

Similarly to other products, there is nothing unusual in the method of application. Standard, thin brush is used to spread the serum on the lash line. You must cleanse the eyelids before the application because even the smallest impurities can disturb the action of the product. The application must be done every day, preferably after removing make-up in the evening. Regularity is essential. Only then does the serum work.

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