No. 2 Revitalash eyelash serum

Capacity: 1 ml / 2 ml / 3.5 ml

Revitalash eyelash serum is one of the best-selling eyelash care products but it is not as effective as the serum ranked as number one in this review. It contains ingredients that boost eyelash growth. It may influence density and thickness of eyelashes but it depends on our individual susceptibility to the ingredients. It works for those who want to improve the appearance of their lashes without the effect of extension.

Revitalash eyelash serum

Revitalash is a colourless and quite fluid eyelash serum. It is quite expensive in comparison to other products presented in the ranking. You can buy it in some stores and online. We can choose between three capacities: 1ml, 2 ml and 3.5 ml. Its design is outstanding. Revitalash comes in a silver vial with navy blue writing. The same shade of blue has been used to design the carton box that secures the product. It looks good.

How does Revitalash work?

Revitalash eyelash serum is to extend and thicken the eyelashes, provided that you use it regularly, without large breaks. The whole treatment lasts more or less six months. It seems long when we take into consideration that such a product is supposed to improve our looks and let use forget about every-day make-up. Revitalash eyelash serum makes lashes longer and fuller after a few weeks. They keep getting longer for another several weeks.

Application method

Nothing new. The product is applied to eyelids that have been cleansed from make-up and impurities. Revitalash eyelash serum has a thin brush that you use to paint a line along the lash line. The application method is trouble-free, especially for women who put on make-up on a daily basis. We apply the product every day, preferably before going to sleep. Keep in mind that Revitalash eyelash serum brings good effects on condition that you use it regularly and properly.

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