No. 13 Quickmax eyelash serum

Capacity: 5 ml

Quickmax serum is another popular eyelash enhancing product. You can easily recognise it because of a large packaging of intensely golden colour. Its price is similar to the price of an effective eyelash growth product yet it provides poorer results than serums ranked higher in the review. Keep that in mind when you feel like getting Quickmax serum.

Quickmax eyelash serum

Most manufacturers want their product to stand out among the competitors. That is why, Quickmax serum bottle is all golden in colour. The plastic tube is eye-catching. It is larger than standard bottles. It also contains a larger amount of colourless and quite watery product. It has no expressive aroma which could disturb the application. The serum comes with a regular thin brush.

How does Quickmax serum work?

Large capacity doesn’t necessarily mean better effects. Quickmax serum makes a good choice when you want to nourish and enhance your lashes, which results in improved looks. The manufacturer ensures that first results will appear after seven days. In practice, you must wait at least several weeks to notice the effects. Quickmax serum fails to speed up eyelash growth to the maximum. It will surely make your lashes longer and darker. As a consequence, your eyes will look more beautiful. However, you will have to apply mascara even after the treatment.

Application method

Quickmax serum works at night. Proper application requires spreading the serum on the eyelids. It is important that you cleanse your lashes, eyelids and face before the application. Even small impurities and make-up leftovers will weaken the action of Quickmax. Apply the product to the lash line. It is recommended to use the serum in the evening, preferably before sleep. There is nothing new in this respect.

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