No. 12 Stimulash eyelash serum

Capacity: 4,5 ml

Stimulash is one of the cheapest serums available. The low price is absolutely adequate to the poor effects. It is a herbal blend concentrated on restoring health of eyelashes and bulbs. It is dedicated for a 30-day treatment. It contains a few simple plant extracts that enrich the composition.

Stimulash serum

The packaging of the product is worth mentioning. The bottle is made of a shiny silver plastic. It is decorated with black writing and looks really interesting. A thin brush is dedicated for the application. It is supposed to let you easily measure out the product of quite watery and colourless formula. The serum has no distinctive aroma. It isn’t absorbed instantly.

How does Stimulash serum work?

The manufacturer promises to make your lashes beautiful again. It reinforces the lashes from the roots. Firstly, it reaches the bulbs – nourishes and strengthens them. As a result, your lashes are stronger. The growth phase remains the same but the lashes look far better. Stimulash serum adds shine, intensifies natural colour and makes them elastic. Regrettably, it isn’t a good substitute for a mascara. You will have to coat your lashes with mascara even after completing the treatment. Stimulash serum fails to make lashes fuller.

Application method

The thin brush is to make the application easier. However, it is made of long bristles so you must get the knack of using it. You have to wash your face before applying the product. Eyelids and eyelashes must be free from make-up and impurities. Stimulash serum must be applied once a day before sleep so that it can work throughout the night. The watery formula isn’t quickly absorbed. You must be careful so it doesn’t drip off the lid and get into the eye.

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