What Is The Best Lash Serum? Check Out The Ranking Of The Top 5 Serums!

Wondering which lash-growth serum to choose? Which serum is the best, most recommended, and most valued? Which one provides the best results in the fastest time? This ranking holds the answers to all your questions about how to make your lashes grow faster and which lash-enhancing product to choose. Check out the ranking of the top lash serums!

The best eyelash serum – a great choice

Good lash care is not only about a proper diet and a good mascara. It also matters to nourish the lashes so it is important to choose an eyelash serum with the best reviews. When choosing it, you should remember common sense: let’s reach for products that can really help achieve healthy and beautiful eyelashes. Therefore, the eyelash serum shouldn’t work just superficially. The best eyelash serums do not have to be extremely expensive at all, because it is not the price that determines the effectiveness. However, a cheap eyelash serum that costs as much as shampoo or hand cream will certainly not work quickly, and you may have to use up several vials to see any results. When choosing a serum, what definitely matters is a thoughtful method of application and, of course, the choice of active ingredients.

A good lash serum – how to choose one? 3 valuable tips

  • Tip #1.
    Want to find a good eyelash serum? First of all, consider the information about the method of action and the ingredients it contains, and only at the very end consider the price.
  • Tip #2.
    Choose serums with natural conditioning ingredients in their formulas, as well as active ingredients that stimulate the follicles and support lash growth. Only then the action of the serum is comprehensive.
  • Tip #3.
    Do not buy lash serums with spoolies like in mascara instead of a thin brush. They are less effective as they work only on the hair (lash), and not on its follicles.

Best lash serums ranking

What is the best lash serum? You’re about to find out! Check out the ranking, discover the best lash serums and introduce a good lash serum into your beauty routine and transform the look of your eyelashes in no time!

Nanolash Eyelash Serum

Reliability, fast action, and excellent results. That’s how this excellent lash-growth serum can be described in a few words. Nanolash has long been an undisputed favorite. This is the best lash serum, renowned all over the world, and valued by lots of people around the world. Great, short, and rich formula, and the combination of properly selected ingredients and fast action make it undoubtedly the best lash serum for hair growth and strengthening, and thickening the lashes. Choose it if you dream of picture-perfect lashes: long, strong, expressive, thicker, with beautiful and intense color. The Nanolash lash-growth serum works fast: in just one month you can enjoy your strikingly beautiful lashes!

Lashcode eyelash serum

This is another excellent serum for lash growth. It is a bit more recent than its predecessor, but just as eagerly recommended lash serum which can satisfy even picky and demanding people who require botanical extracts and are only interested in lash serums with natural formulas. The Lashcode serum contains extracts of baicalein, soybean and wheat germ, arginine, which are important in lash care, and peptides to stimulate lash growth. According to many users, Lashcode has been nominated as the best lash serum. It delivers quick results in as little as one month. It comes in a large size and is super efficient.

Revitalash lash serum

The Revitalash lash-growth serum is one of the oldest ones on the beauty market, jokingly referred to as an old-school lash serum – but you have to admit that there’s a lot of truth in that: it’s a lash-growth serum with a long and intricate formula. Nowadays, modern lash serums contain more refined ingredients, aimed not only at hair growth but also at strengthening, nourishing, and thickening the lashes. However, it’s worth mentioning, as many modern formulas still can’t match its performance. This is a decent lash serum that delivers results in about 8 weeks.

Xlash lash-growth serum

This lash serum is a very gentle product that is supposed to strengthen and deeply nourish the hair. Its action is based on selected ingredients, which include coral, nigella, and extract and barberry borage extract (Isatis tinctoria ) Regular use of the Xlash lash eyelash serum has a positive effect on the condition of lashes, gently strengthens them, and prevents them from falling out. This lash serum receives various mixed reviews, but many are very good: women praise it for regenerating their lashes after lash extensions.

FEG lash serum

Surely many people have heard of FEG lash-growth serum: it is most often described as one of the cheapest lash serums available. In this case, does cheap translate into effective? Opinions on the subject sometimes vary: this lash serum is quite controversial. Is it better to buy a cheap lash serum, hoping it will work favorably on the lashes, or is it better to choose another one right away, betting on top quality to be sure the serum works 100%? This is, of course, an individual matter. On some online forums, under the heading “what lash serum do you recommend” there are some mentions of FEG, so our ranking wouldn’t be complete without it.

Ranking of the best eyelash serums – conclusions and summary

FEG closes the ranking of the best lash serums. Did you find your favorite and most recommended serum among them? Which lash-growth serum will find its way into your makeup bag? I hope the ranking helped decide which lash-enhancing product to choose. Remember that the key to success is regular application of the serum. It is best to apply it at night after removing your makeup on clean eyelids, free of makeup products,face cream or oil. Then you can ensure the best absorption for the serum. Good luck!