No. 7 Neulash eyelash serum

Capacity: 3.2 ml / 6 ml

Lengthening and thickening Neulash serum is one of the options for women who seek an effective eyelash growth enhancer. It is effective but brings no extraordinary properties. It is recommended for short, thin and sparse eyelashes. Silver Neulash serum comes in two capacities. Its price is definitely too high for a product offering such action.

Neulash eyelash serum

Its silver bottle catches the eye. Metallic vial with black writing looks fancy and original. It comes in a white and blue carton box that looks like a packaging of some medicine. However, Neulash serum should be effective, not pretty. Clear and delicate serum comes in bottles of two capacities (3.2 ml and 6 ml) that you can choose to suit your needs.

How does Neulash eyelash serum work?

Well-known Neulash eyelash serum is one of the most costly eyelash growth products. The smaller version lasts two months whereas the bigger one – four months. It is not impressive in comparison to other serums. First effects are supposed to appear after several weeks but Neulash serum fails to deliver the results that we would expect for such a price. It makes lashes longer and thicker. They look fuller.

Application method

Neulash bottle is equipped in a rough thin brush that eases the application provided that we know how to use it. Neulash eyelash serum should be spread on the lids as close to the hairs as possible. The application must be repeated every day, always after thorough make-up removal – it is crucial.

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