No. 3 Idol Lash eyelash serum

Capacity: 5 ml

Next option for beautiful and long eyelashes is Idol Lash eyelash serum. It looks like a classic mascara yet has a thin brush instead of a mascara wand. It is effective but its price is inadequate to the effects. If you apply it regularly, it speeds up lash growth and improves its condition. Sadly, that is all that this simple eyelash enhancer provides.

Idol Lash eyelash serum

It is easily recognized thanks to an intensely sky-blue bottle. The size of Idol Lash serum is similar to a small mascara. Its capacity – 5 ml – is a bit larger than standard eyelash growth enhancers. It lasts six months or a bit more. Clear and semi-fluid serum is captured in a sky-blue plastic vial. It has no fragrance. You apply the product with a synthetic thin brush.

How does Idol Lash eyelash serum work?

Although Idol Lash serum is larger and holds out longer, it fails to deliver surprisingly better effects. It is a product that lengthens and thickens the lashes in a similar way to other enhancers. However, you won’t see the effect at once. You must wait a few weeks after a regular treatment. Active ingredients stimulate growth and make the lashes stronger, moisturised and nourished. As a consequence, they look better. Idol Lash is not a product that can totally change your eyelashes. Their appearance will be improved provided that the substances work for us.

Application method

Again, no surprises. Idol Lash eyelash serum comes with a thin brush that allows for application. Eyelids must be thoroughly cleansed and dry. The application takes up a few minutes. You should do it in the evening before sleep so that you can put on make-up on the next day. You must be careful with the amount that you apply. The serum may drip into your eyes, which should be avoided.

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