No. 11 My Lash Serum

Capacity: 9 ml

Surely, My Lash Serum has the sweetest design. The colours won’t appeal to every woman. It is a Korean eyelash enhancing product which contains panthenol and several fruity extracts. According to some opinions, it effectively improves the appearance of eyelashes according to opinions.

My Lash Serum

Korean creativity in design hasn’t failed. My Lash Serum looks very girlish. The plastic bottle is colourless so you can see the colour of the serum and how much is left. The bottle is decorated with black writing, stars and a pink cap. Instead of a traditional brush, the serum comes with – not so popular – spiral brush.

How does My Lash Serum work?

It is definitely an interesting substitute for other products. My Lash Serum is cheaper, which entails poorer effects when it comes to eyelash growth. Regular use of the product nourishes and reinforces the lashes but it takes a lot of time – the serum must make a long distance from lashes to lash bulbs. That is why, applying serums at the roots of lashes is a better idea in case of eyelash enhancing products. My Lash Serum works as an effective make-up primer. It shields the lashes but it doesn’t work as intensively as other products in the review. It definitely won’t bring maximum length or thickness.

Application method

Most of all, keep the serum away from high temperatures. UV radiation also affects the durability of the formula. You can use My Lash Serum on condition that you store it in proper conditions. You must remove make-up before applying the serum. Then, soak the synthetic brush in the serum and use it to comb your eyelashes. My Lash Serum is poorly absorbed. It is mainly because you don’t apply it to skin. Too much serum may stick and weigh the lashes down.

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