Make-up brushes. Which ones to choose and how to use them?

Did you know that professional make-up artists have even dozens of brushes? These are usually accessories of good quality that allow perfectly beautify your eyes and face. If you would also like to have such set, firstly, make sure what kinds of brushes your will need. Additionally, learn how to use these gadgets.

If you are at the beginning of your journey with make-up choose the smallest brush set. You will need a foundation brush, powder, eyeshadow and lipstick. Accessories for applying and blending eyeshadows or concealers will also be important. It depends on your personal preference whether you choose brushes made from natural or artificial materials. Remember that after each use, all brushes should be thoroughly cleansed. It is best to wash them in soapy water or liquid make-up remover. You might as well wash them with disinfectant. What is more, make sure to store your make-up accessories away from sources of moisture and high temperatures. Preferably in a container that protects them from dust and dirt.

The largest selection appears among foundation brushes. There are wide and flat cut, which distribute cosmetics very well. Brushes with synthetic bristles are ideal for beginners because they do not absorb too much products. As a result, you are able to control how your make-up looks at all times. When it comes to cosmetics of liquid or creamy formula, it is best to use a thick brush with rounded bristles. For camouflaging the skin around nose and mouth, use a thin, flat brush. While accessories with obliquely cut bristles will work perfectly in make-up around the eyes.

If you decide to purchase a brush to apply powder, you need to know some important principles that guide world’s best make-up artists. The purpose of such tool is to fix the base and apply loose cosmetics accurately. Brushes with both natural and artificial bristles will work well. Remember that the brush for applying powder should have soft, dense and slightly rounded bristles. What kind of brush should be used to apply blush? In this case, a flat brush with slightly cut tip is most recommended.

How to do a beautiful eye make-up? For this task you need to use the smallest brush. This will be useful to you especially to draw winged eyeliners and shape, outline and fill in your eyebrows. For applying eyeshadows, you might use applicators (that usually come in the eyeshadow palettes and sets) which are small and soft. For blending and shading use such accessory that is less dense, rounded or with flat cut fibres. The thinner the brush, the easier it will be to smudge the line long your lashline. However, if you use the same brush for your entire eye make-up, remember to carefully clean it after using each product. Why? The colours of the cosmetics cannot be mixed together.

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