Which beauty treatments should you choose in autumn?

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to take care of ourselves. The skin is dry, discoloured and sensitive to external factors after summer. Beauty salons offer treatments which can improve the appearance and condition of the skin effectively. Which beauty treatments should you choose?

Frictional CO2 laser is recommended for healing various scars. It is perfect for lightening and reducing discolouration and post-acne, post-sun and surgical scars. The laser causes micro burns, stimulating the repair of tissues and collagen fibres. The device produces a beam of light which is safe for the skin. You can see positive results after four treatments – soft skin, smoothed wrinkles, reduced scars and lightened discolouration. It takes six days to heal the wounds after the treatment.

Picosecond laser treatment is suitable for those who have little time for the recuperation. The device also uses frictional technology but it emits much shorter light impulses, which minimizes the risk of overheating the tissues and the feeling of discomfort as well as makes the wounds heal quicker. What are the effects of picosecond laser treatment? It firms up the skin, shapes the face oval and lightens and smooths the scars and discolouration.

If you have noticed broken blood vessels (spider veins), post-sun discolouration, wrinkles or other imperfections on your face, it is high time to use chemical peel. First of all, a dermatologist identifies your skin type, chooses appropriate preparations and presents the effects. Thanks to the treatment, the skin will be supple, smooth and more radiant. Discolouration, wrinkles and other imperfections will disappear whereas you will enjoy a beautiful face.

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