What is body wrapping?

It is said that simple things are the best. It is also true about cosmetic treatments. The fewer the ingredients and the simpler the treatment, the better the effects. Therefore, you need a regular food foil and good firming cosmetic for the body wrapping treatment. This is enough to make your body skin beautiful and healthy.

What is body wrapping?

It is a beauty treatment which consists in applying a slimming and firming cosmetic to the skin and then wrapping the body with a food foil. As a consequence, blood circulation is faster, skin pores open whereas cellulite, stretch marks and other imperfections gradually disappear. After the treatment, the skin will be firmer, ventilated and better supplied with blood. Body wrapping can be performed on the whole body or specific parts of the skin with visible flaws. It is believed that regular body wrapping decreases the size of stomach, buttocks and thighs.

Body wrapping – step by step

Prepare a regular food foil and cosmetics which contain slimming ingredients. You may as well use DIY products with sea algae extract, caffeine, ginseng, cinnamon, honey or ginger. Before the treatment do an exfoliating scrub which will remove dead skin cells, cleanse skin pores and smooth the skin. Exfoliating also enhances the absorption of nutritional ingredients included in anti-cellulite products. Then, apply DIY cosmetic or a conditioning product from a drug store. Wrap your body with a food foil, put on a warm tracksuit and cover yourself with a blanket. In this way you will provide heat which facilitates the absorption of the cosmetic. After more or less one hour, take off the foil, rinse the product thoroughly and apply a moisturising lotion.

Is body wrapping for everybody?

Sadly, it isn’t. The contraindications are: varices, high blood pressure, sclerosis, heart diseases. Pregnant women, people who have had skin infections and have undergone surgeries also shouldn’t do body wrapping. All those with extremely sensitive skin may feel huge discomfort during the treatment.

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