Dry face skin – causes, skin care, top tips

Dry face skin is a beauty defect and a source of discomfort yet it may be also a symptom of various – often serious – diseases. How do you know that your dry skin is just a beauty flaw? How to care for dry skin?

If your skin is red non-stop, often flakes and feels tight, even painful and itchy, this means you’re a dry skin sufferer. Plenty of people struggle daily with this very skin type. Dryness often affects the hair and entire body as well.

You make a big mistake if you downplay this defect. Apart from being caused by some diseases, your dry skin causes day-to-day feeling of discomfort. Plus, this very skin type goes wrinkled the fastest

Dry skin is usually a result of minor skin-care mistakes or carelessness yet you must realize that it might be also the symptom of serious health problems. How do you know what your dry skin really means? What are the main causes of skin dryness?

  • central heating and air conditioning
  • skin aging process
  • solar radiation
  • genetic susceptibility
  • body dehydration
  • hormonal imbalance
  • bad eating habits
  • wrong skin-care products
  • exposure to the wind and freezing weather

How to condition your dry skin?

Dehydrated skin needs special products. You can try so-called dermocosmetics that deliver soothing substances and ingredients that lock in water.

A moisturizer makes the best daytime pick to replenish water. Remember also to shield your delicate skin from damage so choose products that have a high SPF and ones that abound in natural pure oils – they create a protective occlusive coat on the skin surface that prevents the loss of water.

Before sleep choose rich creams that nourish the skin and enhance the repair of micro-damage. In other words, pick products containing emollients, urea and ceramides. Applying a natural beauty oil before a night cream is a great trick.

Note! While shopping for products for dry skin…

… invest in lightweight creams – avoid heavy, comedogenic products. Even dry skin doesn’t like being covered by a non-porous coat that prevents the access to the air. Make use of moisturizing mists and hydrosols, reach for hydrating serums e.g. enriched with aloe. You can also enrich your foundation with a drop of natural oil e.g. argan or a quality serum – this way you provide an extra dose of moisture.

Never forget to hydrate your body. You must have two liters of water every day. You’ll quickly spot the difference in your skin’s appearance once you start drinking more mineral water.

As mentioned before, dry skin might tell you about some diseases so you should do checkups regularly to rule out diabetes or thyroid diseases.

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