Facial care in autumn

Summer is coming to an end and although a slightly tropical climate still remains outside the window, we can feel in the air the already approaching cold and more harsh for our skin season – autumn. You should think about changing the face cream, especially since in late summer and early fall, many drugstores offer very attractive prices of cosmetics on sale.

First of all, a good face cream for autumn is the foundation of skin care. You must be aware that products that prove to be great in summer, will not work as good in any other time of the year.

What is more, in autumn the skin is exposed to different weather conditions, which often leads to irritation and dryness of the skin. Rain, strong wind and sometimes very variable temperature (cool mornings and hot afternoons) can really put a strain on the condition of our skin. The key issue at this time of the year is to deeply moisturise and protect our skin.

Therefore, a good cream with rich formula will prevent from weakening the condition of the skin exposed to the negative effects of harsh, variable weather conditions.

Moreover, it is best to choose creams that contain natural oils and plant extracts. We do not need to fear that the oil contained in cosmetics will create an unpleasant, greasy film on the surface of our skin. Keep in mind that natural oils have very good absorption. Their task is to get into the skin and to protect and regenerate tissue from the inside as well.

Additionally, in autumn, it is advisable to reach for creams with a slightly thicker consistency. Do not be afraid of greasy creams. They will be an absolute must have for all those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Furthermore, a good cream must not only protect the skin from unfavourable external factors. It should also take care of the natural needs of our skin age-related, the degree of its sensitivity or production of sebum.

Women who have sensitive skin should choose more gentle creams of a slightly less thicker consistency, that were dermatologically tested.

Moreover, oily skin will gratefully welcome natural oils that regulate the secretion of sebum (such as jojoba oil) and creams that are non-occlusive on the skin. During the day you might as well use mattifying preparations under your foundation, whereas richer formulas – overnight.

Autumn can be very unfavourable for skin capillaries. Therefore, it is necessary to reach for creams that seal blood vessels, preventing them from cracking.

Women with dry and sensitive complexions should try creams rich in lipids which will supplement their shortage. Such products protect against cold.

It is worth trying facial cream from Mixa with oil for dry skin or simply pure argan oil, which will also slow down the ageing process of the skin. Another good idea is to use Avene cold cream – designed specifically to offer intense hydration, maintain the skin’s suppleness, and soothe the drying effects of environmental aggressors.

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