A few strange things you can do with a lip gloss

A lip gloss can be used for many more things than only painting lips. Some blogers say that it is a versatile, beautifying and protective cosmetic. Check how to use a lip gloss.

Let’s start with the standard use of a lip gloss. If you want your lips to look beautiful and stunning, do a sugar and honey exfoliating scrub. Sugar granules will exfoliate dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and smooth the surface of the lips. Honey nourishes and moisturizes the skin. You gave nursed for your lips so it is time for a lip gloss. Tap the cosmetic with your fingertips – this will provide intense colour and light shimmering effect. Apply another layer of the product to make your lips more shimmering.

A lip gloss will be perfect as a highlighter. In order to get the effect of delicate brightening, apply it to the upper cheekbones. You won’t have to do the strobing make up and you will provide the skin with moisturizing. Light pink or red lip gloss applied to your face will resemble a natural blush. If you want a matte finish of the make up, apply only one layer of the cosmetic. Don’t apply it to the T zone as it would irritate sebaceous glands and cause excessive sebum production.

Styling the eyebrows is an inseparable element of every make up. A clear lip gloss will help you to tame unruly hairs. Although it has a thicker consistency, it is perfect for the shaping of the browridge. The lip glos doesn’t get clumped and doesn’t leave sticky brows like clear gels or mascaras. It is completely different in the role of an eyeshadow. It makes eyelids and eyelashes shiny, turns matte make up into shimmering look as well as makes your look charming. Unfortunately, sticky formula of a lip gloss can make you look worse by getting sticky on the eyelids.

Lip gloss for split hair ends? Yes, it might work. The cosmetic contains lots of natural and nutritional ingredients which will nurse your hair. What’s more, the product will prevent damage of hair ends, dry strands and other damages that your hairstyle is exposed to. You simply have to rub a small amount of the cosmetic to your hair. Remember about thorough hair washing – the strands can get a bit sticky.

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