Glow and matte! Face contouring with Lirene

Lirene has released three great cosmetics. These are mattifying powder City Matt, mineral bronzer with a blusher Shiny Touch and mineral highlighter Shiny Touch. All placed in round packagings with a click and volume of 9 g/0.3 oz. The packagings look solid, but after short time of usage, the lids are subjected to the damage.

Mineral matte powder City Matt

Cosmetics from Lirene are available in three shades. Powder provides sateen and slightly shimmering finish. It makes foundation last throughout the entire day, prevents shine of skin related to the excess sebum secretion as well as blackheads. City Matt powder does not emphasise wrinkles or dark circles around the eyes, it does not rub off or darken throughout the day. Thanks to it skin is smooth and gently highlighted. The product is not recommended to people with sensitive visual system or sensitive skin. It is because it contains fragrances that can lead to irritations.

Mineral bronzer and blusher Shiny Touch

This cosmetic combines bronzer and blusher. It is dedicated for face contouring, to emphasise its assets and camouflage the imperfections. Shiny Touch holds two shades of bronzer and two shades of blusher, that perfectly compose and blend on skin of face to create perfect make-up. Cosmetic is highly pigmented, contains shimmering particles and provides skin with an amazing appearance. During the application you must be careful, because blusher dusts and can flake. Bronzer should be applied below the cheekbones, on the jaw and by the hair line. However, blusher must be applied on areas where natural blush appears.

Mineral face and eyes highlighter Shiny Touch

Lirene has in its offer also the highlighter. Cosmetic combines four shades, ensures fresh, natural and light effect. The cosmetic lasts on face the entire day and amazingly emphasises the beauty. Applied on the eyelids optically makes eyes bigger and highlights them. This product should be applied on the cheekbones, under the brow ridge, above the upper lip and in the inner eye corners.

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