Lip Make-up Classic: Rouge Rouge Lipstick from Shiseido

Red lip make-up is associated with elegance, self-confidence and beauty. Women who wear red lips are considered to be attractive and determined. If you want to feel like this, try new lipstick Rouge Rouge from Shiseido.

Rouge Rouge from Shiseido is available in 16 shades of red, pink and orange. These colours will suite blonds but also brunettes. Lips treated with this product provide effect of elegant and sophisticated make-up. Lipstick was dermatologists tested, so it is recommended to people with sensitive skin.

Rouge Rouge moisturises and smoothers as well as counteract dryness to lips. It does not leave greasy layer, but ensures amazingly intense colour, which lasts for a long time and does not rub off while eating or drinking. What is more, it underlines shape of lips and their natural colour; provides delicate gloss, conditions and moisturises. The consistency of Shiseido lipstick is delicate enough to apply it with no greater effort and blend it easily with lip liner. This cosmetic consists of ingredients protecting skin of lips against harmful atmospheric factors, pollution and free radicals.

How should you apply Rouge Rouge from Shiseido? So that colour would last longer on lips, perform peeling and use moisturising cream prior to application. You can also use make-up base, foundation or powder to extend the durability of make-up cosmetic. Next the lips contour underline with a lip liner in shade of the lipstick. Now, apply lipstick form Shiseido with use of the finger or a special brush. Remember to very thoroughly apply the product in order to avoid smudges or excess amount of product in the corners of the lips.

The designer for Rouge Rouge lipstick is Dick Page. However, the design for packagings was created by Mao Komai. Both gentlemen agreed on minimalistic, modern and practical solutions. The edges of the stick are cut at an angle for more precise application. On the other hand, the packagings were equipped in magnet to protect cosmetic against damages.

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