Nanobrow Microblading Pen – Your New Long-Wear Brow Pen With Microblading-Alike Effect

Natural-looking eyebrows that dazzle with their shine all day long? It’s possible – with the precision eyebrow pen with microblading effect Nanobrow Microblading Pen! If you are wondering which eyebrow pen to choose, reach for a safe and effective solution that is easy to use and will work for every woman.

What makes the Nanobrow brow pen special? When is it worth reaching for it? What effects can you achieve with it?

Meet the product that can change your daily brow-styling routine and make you love your eyebrows all over again!

Nanobrow Microblading Pen – performance

Reaching for the brow microblading pen from Nanobrow, you ensure:

  • fuller-looking brows with the desired shape,
  • naturally defined eyebrows for many hours,
  • the ability to draw thin lines that mimic real brow hairs,
  • precisely camouflaged sparse areas,
  • microblading-like effect looking straight after the professional procedure at a beauty salon.

Nanobrow Microblading Pen

Product available in colors:

A long-wear brow pen? Nanobrow Microblading Pen!

With the brow pen from Nanobrow, you no longer have to worry about your makeup not looking good after just a few hours. Nanobrow Microblading Pen is a waterproof brow pen that won’t wear off or leave any clumps.

Thanks to the intense pigmentation, you can count on expressive brow definition that provides the perfect complement to your makeup for any occasion!

Natural shades of the Nanobrow Microblading Pen that every woman will love

The precision brow pen from Nanobrow comes in five gorgeous shades – you are sure to match one of them to your natural eyebrow color!

It’s only up to you if you want to achieve a subtle effect, or if you decide to go for a bolder look for a special occasion. Do your eyebrows exactly the way you want every single time!

The application of this brow pen is extremely easy thanks to the convenient applicator.

precision brow pen

A unique alternative to the microblading procedure – Nanobrow Microblading Pen

Thanks to the brow pen from Nanobrow you can fill in your brows with thin hair-like strokes to ensure the effect of thicker and bolder eyebrows. This revolutionary product was created for all women who, for various reasons, are unsure or not keen on the microblading procedure.

Already after the first use of the brow pen from Nanobrow, you can notice your brows are precisely shaped, do not stick out, and seem fuller and more voluminous. The perfect shape of your eyebrows is at your fingertips – you can achieve it literally in a matter of moments!

Nanobrow Microblading Pen – where to buy it?/ price/size


You can find the waterproof Nanobrow Microblading Pen at, as well as in regular beauty stores.

  • PRICE: affordable
  • SIZE: 1ml / 0.034 fl oz

The long-wear Nanobrow Microblading Pen may soon become your must-have brow-styling product! Say goodbye to unwanted gaps and see your brows in a whole new light!