How to hydrate your body? A few interesting facts about water.

Cosmetics are not the only means that will facilitate your body and face care. Water is an extremely important factor when it comes to beauty and health. Learn what role water plays in human body and which type of water you should chose to benefit from it. Thanks to the hints included in the article, you will learn what advantages you will gain by drinking at least 1 litre of water every day.

Did you know that the human body is in 60% made up of water? What are the most important functions of this precious liquid? First of all, water regulates body temperature, helps consumption, digestion and the use of nutrients from the food. What is more, it transports nutrients and waste products and participates in all the biochemical reactions of the body. Additionally, it protects the brain, the organ of vision, spinal cord, and fetus. Water also supports proper functioning of the joints.

We can distinguish low, medium and highly mineralized water. Which one should we choose? In a water of a low mineral content we will find 500 mg minerals per litre. Medium content of minerals comprises three times more, whereas highly mineralised – over 1500 mg/l. These figures indicate the content of minerals necessary for proper functioning of the body.

Can you believe that too much water in the system can lead to serious illnesses and even death? Excess fluid causes a decrease of sodium level in our bloodstream and causes swelling that can lead to a stroke or respiratory arrest.

Do you prefer sparkling or still water? For a healthy adult it does not really matter. Remember, however, that carbon dioxide found in water can harm, but it can also help. Therefore, people suffering from stomach diseases, liver and intestines as well as allergy sufferers and people with hypertension should not drink carbonated water. What is more, it is forbidden for pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, carbonated water is highly recommended after physical exertion. Why? It accelerates the production of urine which removes toxic substances from the body. Furthermore, it supports weight loss and provides bactericidal effects.

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