Lashcode – a cosmetic celebrity

Perfect make-up requires excellent cosmetics – those with a well-thought-out composition, consistency and effects. Today, even pigmented cosmetics are designed to nourish. This tendency can be noticed especially by looking at foundations. It turns out that one of the most important parts of our image are eyelashes, that’s why we care that much for them. For this reason we always choose mascaras carefully – it has to be reliable and simply the best. Have you already found one? How about a mascara that celebrities fell in love with? Check what’s the secret of Lashcode- a cosmetic celebrity- is.

Lashcode – a good curling, thickening and lengthening mascara

‘Good mascara’ is an understatement when it comes to Lashcode. This is some kind of a cosmetic phenomenon and its secret is multifunctionality. Lashcode is a mascara with which you can achieve many different effects in make-up – from subtle, romantic look through a strong, expressive one to finally achieve very intense but still dazzling evening make-up.

What’s important, Lashcode makes your lashes beautiful regardless of the number of layers applied – this is the effect that no many mascaras provide. With this mascara there is no place for errors, even after many hours, the effect remains flawless.

Lashcode is equipped with an ergonomic silicone brush with excellent shape and size. It is precisely made and durable. No matter if your eyelashes are short or long, the brush will let you reach even the shortest lashes. It also perfectly combs the hairs, therefore it’s easy to achieve an impressive volume with it.

Lashcode – a nourishing mascara

What makes Lashcode a ‘cosmetic celebrity’? It’s not only perfect effects in make-up and ultra-black pigments. Lashcode has one more advantage – the best ingredients that care for the health and beauty of your eyelashes. Those active ingredients can work through the whole time you are having make-up on. The composition includes a lot of plant nutrients, such as soy and wheat germ extracts, Baicalein – these stimulate hair bulbs, strengthen the entire hairs, improve their condition and flexibility. It also contains vitamin E which has anti-aging properties, and panthenol and arginine responsible for moisturising and providing elasticity.

Lashcode – the list of advantages

  1. Extended and thickened eyelashes
  2. Fuller-looking eyelash line
  3. Precise, durable make-up
  4. Deep, intense look
  5. Nicely lifted up lashes
  6. Different effects in make-up – from subtle elegance to the effect of false lashes
  7. The best active ingredients – regenerated, long hair
  8. Reconstruction and protection of eyelashes

Lashcode – why do we recommend it? [reviews]

This mascara very quickly conquered the hearts of thousands of women around the world: Lashcode collects excellent reviews and won the first place in cosmetic rankings and plebiscites. Not many products manage to gain such popularity in such a short time. This is a professional product when it comes to make-up but also care. Lashcode will certainly be one of your favourite cosmetics in your make-up bag and a great support for professional eyelash serums.

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