No. 14 Xlash serum

Capacity: 3 ml

Simple Xlash serum comes in a standard capacity. It looks quite good yet not special. It is dedicated for short, thin, damaged and weak lashes. It is supposed work after a few weeks of regular use. It is unsuitable for those who are prone to allergies and have sensitive skin around eye area.

Xlash serum

There is nothing unusual about the bottle. Xlash serum has a standard size. A few violet elements – for example logo – make it look different among other serums. This simple bottle conceals a colourless, semi-fluid product. You won’t smell its aroma because it is applied in small quantities.

How does Xlash serum work?

Xlash serum is presented as an eyelash growth serum. First effects are supposed to appear after 2-3 weeks. The maximum time for achieving full results reaches even 16 weeks. Xlash makes the lashes stronger. The effect is length and increased volume. However, we won’t obtain spectacular results with this serum. The product is more effective as an eyelash enhancing product for weak lashes. Xlash serum replenishes nutrients in lash bulbs so that lashes can grow more quickly.

Application method

This eyelash serum doesn’t offer anything new in the application either. The eye area must be thoroughly cleansed before applying the product. The thin brush makes it easier. Xlash serum must be applied regularly to bring any effects. One stroke of the brush is enough; always remember about make-up removal. Be careful not to let the serum get inside the eyes.

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