No. 5 Rapidlash eyelash serum

Capacity: 3 ml

Rapidlash eyelash serum is one of the most frequently recommended. There are mixed opinions about this eyelash enhancer. It works for some girls whereas it brings no visible effects for others. It means that the action of Rapidlash serum depends on individual susceptibility to the components of the serum.

Rapidlash eyelash serum

When it comes to the packaging, Rapidlash serum does not stand out among the crowd of eyelash growth serums. It comes in a silver bottle made of matt plastic with a vague logo and some basic information. The serum itself is watery and almost colourless. Typical product without any characteristic features that would awaken our interest and encourage to buy it.

How does Rapidlash eyelash serum work?

Rapidlash eyelash serum has been created to improve the condition of eyelashes. Its ingredients help to enjoy healthy lashes again. Nourished and stronger eyelashes grow longer. Rapidlash serum has brought visible improvement and extension in many cases. On the other hand, there is a number of consumers who have not noticed positive results. One Rapidlash bottle holds out six months, provided that we follow the instructions connected with the application.

Application method

Rapidlash eyelash serum has a thin brush which makes the application much easier. It is a product that nourishes lash bulbs so it must be spread on the lash line. You must apply the product precisely. It you do it improperly, Rapidlash won’t deliver promised effects. Regularity is crucial (daily use) as well as thoroughly cleansed skin before the treatment.

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