No. 10 iGlow eyelash serum

Capacity: 3 ml

The most popular among Norwegian eyelash serums, dedicated for daily care. 8 weeks of regular application are supposed to considerably speed up eyelash growth. iGlow eyelash serum contains lots of plant extracts. There is nothing unusual about the design of the serum. It comes in a golden bottle secured with a violet cardboard box.

iGlow eyelash serum

When you buy the serum, you get a large packaging. The violet box with elements of white and eye make-up picture doesn’t look attractive. An intensely golden plastic bottle isn’t impressive either. The Norwegian company hasn’t put its mind to the design. Besides, iGlow serum comes in a standard capacity. The bottle is handy. The applicator – thin, orange, synthetic bristle brush – resembles eyeliner brushes.

How does iGlow serum work?

The treatment is supposed to last from 3 to 5 months. It is large discrepancy which may raise doubts about the efficiency of the formula. The task of iGlow serum is to reinforce the lashes and stimulate their growth. The manufacturer promises that you will see the effects after 3 weeks yet in some cases – after 8 weeks. Another discrepancy proves that iGlow serum doesn’t work the same for everyone. The serum is supposed to stimulate faster eyelash growth, make lashes darker and fuller. It is an effective eyelash serum but its action depends on individual susceptibility to active ingredients.

Application method

iGlow eyelash serum is quite easy to use. We must follow a few steps. Take the brush out of the bottle and remove the excess of the serum. Paint a thin line on the upper lash line. The leaflet doesn’t say anything about make-up removal but it is better to do it. If you apply the serum to dirty skin, it won’t work. You must wait until the serum is fully absorbed.

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