No. 8 Hair Plus eyelash serum

Capacity: 4.5 ml

It is quite costly proposition – popular among women who want their eyes to look attractive. Hair Plus serum is not going to replace your mascara but it can work as an interesting enhancer. Unfortunately, the price is inadequate to the quality. To make things worse, it discourages from buying the product.

Hair Plus eyelash serum

Facevolution cannot decide on one design, therefore there are still several versions of the product available. The first version of Hair Plus serum came in a black bottle with orange writing. Now, it is golden and black vial more and more often. There is one capacity of the colourless and semi-fluid serum. Unluckily, Hair Plus is one the most expensive options and delivers poorer effects than its competitors.

How does Hair Plus eyelash serum work?

Due to larger capacity, Hair Plus serum lasts from six to even nine months. If we apply too much, it will be less efficient and effective. If you use Hair Plus serum in a proper way, it makes lashes fuller and longer so that they create more expressive eye frame. First signs of nourished and stronger lashes should be seen after around four weeks.

Application method

Contrary to similar products, Hair Plus eyelash serum has a thicker brush, therefore the application requires more concentration. The serum is supposed be applied to clean and dry eyelid. It must be used on a daily basis so you must spare a moment before going to sleep, after removing make-up. You must remember to use the product because only regular application brings effects.

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