Velvet Matte – new lipsticks by Victoria’s Secret.

They aren’t available at drug stores yet but they have already caused a stir in the world of beauty and fashion. What is it about? Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte lipsticks. Find out if you are going to like the colours of new products. Learn also how to make a professional lips make-up.

Velvet Matte lipsticks are the latest cosmetics launched by Victoria’s Secret. They will appear at drug stores in mid-October. We can choose between five shades: Perfection (dusty pink), Desire (classic red), Drama (dark violet), Obsessed (fuchsia) and Adorned (muted pink). The consistency of the products is creamy and delicate whereas the colours – pigmented and intense. The lipsticks give matte finish and perfectly match a shimmering eye make-up. Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte contain vitamin E and olive oil. These ingredients moisturise, smooth ad nourish the skin on the lips and make the application much easier and faster. The lipstick is long-lasting and waterproof; it doesn’t rub off during the day.

How to apply Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte? Do an exfoliating scrub before the application in order to make the lipstick last longer and make your lips look great. Use a home-made product or a drug store enzyme scrub. Mix one teaspoon of sugar and honey; you can add scent to the mixture by adding some essential oil. Gently remove dead skin cells. Apply a moisturiser to your lips and wait until absorbed. Now you can paint your lips with Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte. How to make the lipstick more long-lasting? Apply a primer or foundation to lips before the make-up. You can also use a transparent powder. You will be surprised with the final effect and your friends will envy you the new cosmetic.

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