No. 9 Dabalash eyelash serum

Capacity: 5.32 ml

Unusual proposition for women who take care of their looks – Dabalash eyelash serum. A pink carton box is a feature that makes the product stand out among other serums. The manufacturer probably wishes it was the action that would make the cosmetic unique. Dabalash eyelash serum is effective but its price (despite larger capacity) is not adequate to the promised qualities. It lengthens and thickens the lashes but the effect is not long-lasting.

Dabalash eyelash serum

You can recognise the serum thanks to the mixture of two colours – silver and juicy pink. Gray plastic bottle is secured by an intensely pink carton box. Girls who like sweet design in cosmetics are likely to fall for Dabalash eyelash serum. The formula is the same as in other products – colourless, fluid and works topically. Regrettably, the price is high. That is the reason why we should search for alternatives.

How does Dabalash eyelash serum work?

It is a product that fails to provide complex eyelash care or multidimensional effects. It is reserved for more advanced cosmetics. Dabalash eyelash serum is able to lengthen the lashes and make them look healthier. We must wait for the effects over a month. The larger capacity means also that a lot of time is necessary to achieve and maintain amazing results. You should keep using the product even after you gain the effects. Otherwise, new lashes will grow short and thin.

Application method

Using this product involves a few standard steps. You must thoroughly cleanse and dry the lashes and lids. Dabalash eyelash serum should be applied to the lash line every evening. You shouldn’t forget about the every-day application. It can be tiring because the brush is very stiff and measures too much of the serum. You must also bear in mind that Dabalash eyelash serum works only on condition that you apply it regularly.

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