Lip lift – making lips fuller without Botox injection!

Since Kylie Jenner, the owner of the famous full and seductive lips, has stepped into the world of rich and beautiful, we started to pay greater attention to the size our lips have. We do our best to bring them out by applying various makeup tricks. Unfortunately, once somebody has very narrow lips, even a few techniques combined have little or no effect at all. As a consequence, nothing seems to be good enough to improve look of our mouth. So what should be done to fulfil our dream of having fleshy lips without undergoing any invasive treatments with Botox or hyaluronic acid injections? A plastic surgeon from London knows the answer.

Aesthetic medicine has been developing new methods of rejuvenating and beautifying since time immemorial. One of such procedures is lip lift, which is a new technique of lip rejuvenation with no hyaluronic acid injections. How is it possible? Suffice it is to undergo a procedure of reducing the distance between nose and Cupid’s Bow.

Lip lift procedure is said to be relatively minimally invasive. A surgeon marks the place s/he is going to cut (the skin area close to the nose), administers local anaesthesia (similar to the one received at a dentist’s appointment), and makes a cut accordingly to the previously applied marking. A small amount of the tissue is removed. Stitches applied have to be worn for approximately a week. Generally, the whole procedure of lip lift does not occupy much time; it lasts no longer than an hour. There is no hospitalization needed afterwards.

It is worth pointing out that skin area located above upper lip can be delicately swollen or bruised for more or less two weeks since the treatment. Undoubtedly, this kind of a side effect is acceptable especially if we factor in the long-lasting outcomes the procedure offers. Other lip defining treatments, such as injections of hyaluronic acid or Botox, must be repeated because the effects vanish with the flying time. Again, lip lift is a one-off procedure and its outcomes hold out uninterruptedly.

Upper lip lift delivers subtle and natural effect. Doctor Yannis Alexandrides, the owner of London clinic that performs such surgical procedures, explains the very core of the method. He states that it is natural for lips to drop with age, which has its consequence in lips getting narrower and narrower. This innovative lip lift procedure is about exposing the invisible part of upper lip, due to which, it transforms into being fuller.

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