TOP 5 Brow Lamination Kits – Check Out the Best Picks!

What would you say about eyebrow lamination at home? Do you think it is too hard and you won’t do it like a professional? You couldn’t be more wrong. With a good brow lamination kit, you will quickly learn how to laminate your brows step by step. It is time for the eyebrow makeover that you’ll enjoy for long weeks. Check our ranking of the best brow lamination kits!

Eyebrow lamination is a way to style eyebrows which is getting more and more popular. The treatment is fully safe and doesn’t require any special skills. All essentials for brow lamination are included in a good at-home brow lamination kit, and you’re gonna pick one pretty soon.

It is time to forget the everyday tiring brow-filling routine. We are sure you’re going to love the comfort that’s provided by DIY brow lamination.

How to pick out your at-home brow lamination kit?

It is good to know what things to consider when shopping for the best brow lamination kit. There are a few factors that seem the most crucial while seeking the right tool.

Before picking out your brow lamination kit, ask yourself the following questions:

⭢ Is it easy to use?

⭢ Does it include safe formulas for eyebrow lamination?

⭢ Does it deliver results that I am counting on?

⭢ Will it be suitable for doing many laminations?

⭢ Does it come with comfortable applicators for easy brow lamination at home?

Once you are sure you found the best DIY brow lamination kit, you can get down to testing!

Read our round-up of the best at-home brow lamination kits. We are sure the ranking will help you find the ideal!

TOP 5 Brow Lamination Kits. Ranking


Nanobrow eyebrow lamination kit makes a good solution for every woman and even the most troublemaking eyebrows! It will let you achieve mind-blowing results in a short time, plus the brow lamination formulas have safe ingredients that don’t irritate the skin. The brow kit will get you healthier and thicker-looking eyebrows, which will improve the looks of the face and create defined, natural-looking as well as stunning arches for every occasion.

best brow lift kit


  • the kit contains all essentials for at-home brow lamination
  • it is enough for even 10 laminations, which saves lots of money (considering how much brow lamination costs at the salon)
  • after each use, the results last for around 6 weeks
  • it is a perfect pick both for those with little knowledge about brow lamination as well as professionals
  • it comes with labeled bottles and clear directions so you won’t get confused during your at-home brow lamination for sure
  • it helps tame the most unruly eyebrows, leaving them looking well taken care of and adding lots of volume


  • the smell of the lamination formulas is quite intense

How long do the brow lamination results last?

Even 6 weeks.

Where to buy this brow kit?

Through the official website and at offline beauty stores.




It is a good brow lamination kit for those who already have some experience in doing the treatment themselves. The RefectoCil Brow Lamination Kit may prove a good choice if you know how to laminate your brows at home and want to buy a quality brow kit for achieving the effect of fluffy, defined brows. At the same time, you need to realize that at-home brow lamination with this set will take more time. It may be worth it though!


  • it creates a nice laminated brow look
  • it is cost-effective
  • it leaves brows looking healthier and keeps them from sticking out
  • it offers eye pads for free (but these can only be used during lash lift)


  • it is a bad choice for women who have never done brow lamination at home before
  • it includes formulas that may get into the eyes because of their consistency
  • it doesn’t come with clear instructions
  • the applicators need improving

How long do the brow lamination results last?

Up to 5 or 6 weeks.

Where to buy this brow kit?

At online and offline beauty stores.


Quite high.


With the brow lamination kit from Sassy Saints, you can achieve the effect of fluffy brows looking healthy and not sticking out. You can laminate your brows in three steps, which is made easier thanks to clear instructions and a video tutorial. The brow lamination kit will work well on any eyebrows yet the best results are noticeable on thick, voluminous hairs. The formulas in this kit are vegan, cruelty-free and without silicones.


  • it works well for women who have never done brow lamination at home
  • it will let you do the process fast
  • it is easy to use
  • it leaves brows looking fluffier and more bushy


  • it fails to camouflage the gaps
  • it is enough for only 6 laminations
  • it is pricey

How long do the brow lamination results last?

Up to 6 weeks. 

Where to buy this brow kit?

Through the brand’s official website and some online stores.




This is a DIY brow lamination kit producing satisfactory results. It comes with comfortable-to-use applicators and can be used by those who have never laminated their brows before. The bottles with formulas for brow lamination are labeled for every step so you won’t get lost for sure. Too bad the included formulas may prove a bad idea if you have sensitive skin.


  • it is easy to use and you can easily laminate your brows at home
  • it comes with convenient applicators
  • it is cost-effective
  • eyebrows look lifted and have a healthy shine


  • the results don’t last long
  • the lamination formulas may cause skin irritations

How long do the brow lamination results last?

Around 4 weeks.

Where to buy this brow kit?

At online stores.




This one is an easy-to-use brow lamination kit that may prove the right choice if you don’t want much from the treatment and you have naturally full, thick eyebrows. It turns out to be effective when you need to tame really unruly brows that tend to stick out. Sadly, the results don’t last long.


  • the lamination formulas are easy to apply
  • the kit is good for taming bushy brows


  • the result doesn’t last long
  • at-home brow lamination with this kit may prove waste of time if you have problematic brows
  • the laminating formulas may cause temporary skin redness

How long do the brow lamination results last?

Around a week or two.

Where to buy this brow kit?

Online and offline.


Adequate to the results.

Is Brow Lamination Good for Everyone?

It is provided that there are no contraindications!

Consult your doctor before you do brow lamination if:

  • you suffer from allergies.
  • you have skin cuts in the brow area.
  • you suffer from atopic dermatitis.
  • you undergo chemotherapy.

Eyebrow lamination turns out to be a great option for everyone who wants lifted, healthy-looking brows. You are just a moment away from the amazing results lasting even 6 weeks.

How much does in-salon brow lamination cost?

The prices of a single brow lamination treatment at the salon vary from $70 to even $200! The cost depends on how renowned a salon is and where it is located.

It should be underlined that the treatment has to be repeated, which definitely makes DIY brow lamination worth considering. You may quickly notice such an option pays off and isn’t actually hard to do!

At-home brow lamination can be a piece of cake and you don’t need to make any salon appointments.

We hope our roundup of the best brow lamination kits will help you pick out the best brow kit.

Now you can master your saving skills, plus improve your looks like a pro!

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