Light life of heavy hair – unusual properties of babassu oil [composition, effects, opinions]

Babassu oil is a tropical and unusual newcomer, produced from gigantic palm nuts called babassu oil (Attalea speciosa). Its homeland are the moist regions of Amazonia, but now it is also grown in Africa. To preserve its cosmetic properties – it should be cold-pressed and purified with natural methods. The oil comes in the form of a concentrated butter – its liquid form is obtained after warming up.

It is worth knowing its properties because it is perfect for hair that lost volume as well as skin that is dry, flabby and … even male facial hair care. What else is hidden in the exotic oil from Amazonia?

Babassu oil INCI: Orbignya Cohune Seed Oil

In the Amazon forest, babassu oil is an extremely valuable source of nutritious fats – mothers give babassu butter to children and heal their skin protecting against chafes and irritations. Indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon treat nut flesh as a tasty, caloric snack full of good fatty acids and diversifying diet.

Babassu oil composition 

Babassu oil is composed in 90% with saturated fatty acids. It is dominated by lauric and myristic acid as well as traces of palmitic, stearic and caprylic acid. Babassu oil retains its valuable properties due to the fact that it is cold pressed. Thanks to this, it retains all vitamins and minerals. It is a wealth of vitamin E and phytosterols, which have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and hair.

Babassu oil – cosmetic properties 

Babassu oil is perfect as a cosmetic, because it turns into a soft butter at 24 degrees Celsius. It spreads perfectly all over the hair and skin. Its properties make it a good addition to any cosmetics. How does it work for the skin and hair?

Babassu oil for the skin 

Phytosterols have beneficial effects on the skin: thanks to regular use, it becomes hydrated, and fine wrinkles are less visible. Babassu limits the breakdown of elastin and supports the synthesis of collagen, thanks to which the skin becomes firm and adequately tense. Babassu also provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action – it is perfect for the care of mature and acne skin, and as a hand and foot cream.

Babassu oil for the hair 

Babassu oil perfectly regenerates and protects hair, without overloading it and making it soft and smooth. The hair regains vitality, glow and the right degree of hydration. Strengthened, soft hair and a clean scalp that has the right level of sebum secretion – it all owes to babassu oil. Thanks to it, the strands are easier to style and comb well. The oil strengthens the hair from the bulb itself to the ends of the hair, shortens the blow-drying time and increases the volume.

Babassu oil – what hair type is it most suitable for?

Babassu consists of primarily saturated fatty acids, which is why it is ideal for hair with low porosity, that is thick, heavy and stiff, which needs softening, volume and lightness. Due to the predominance of fatty acids with small molecules, babassu can adversely affect thin, delicate, damaged hair with high porosity.

How does babassu oil affect the hair? [effects]

Babassu disinfects and cleanses the scalp, so it inhibits the excessive secretion of sebum, which often happens to low porosity hair. The oil is well absorbed and does not overburden the strands: thanks to it, the hair is still in good condition and is protected against the adverse effects of external factors. Babassu increases volume at the roots, improves softness, smoothes, polishes and gives elasticity. The scalp is no longer oily, and the ends do not dry out and do not split.

Babassu oil – price

Babassu oil does not have an exorbitant price. Despite its tropical, exotic origin, it is surprisingly inexpensive. For this reason, it is often used in the cosmetic industry as a component of various creams and balms.

Babassu oil – reviews

Babassu oil is not as popular as coconut, but it collects good reviews among women who used it for acne or mature skin care. It works well as a component of blends of natural oils, especially suitable for low porosity hair.

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