Women love flowers… especially those in lipstick from Kailijumei

Women’s world was taken over by a true madness. Everyone wants to have and try the lipstick, called by the Internet users: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIPSTICK IN THE WORLD. It is manufactured by Chinese cosmetic brand, Kailijumei. What makes this lipstick so popular?

It has unusual, stunning and never to be seen before appearance. It holds on the inside – in a gel structure of the lipstick – a TRUE FLOWER.

The lipstick has consistency resembling thick jelly. It is colourless and smells like lavender, thanks to presence of lavender oil. Furthermore, it was enriched with cocoa butter, beeswax and resin, olive oil and grape seed oil.

Despite the lipstick being colourless, after application it oxidized and lips gain colour depending on the individual pH of your skin. In other words – this lipstick will provide you and your friend with totally different colours. What is more, the colour will be also different in the hot and cold days. However, manufacturer ensures that the colour will always match your skin complexion. The oxidizing lipstick has yet another feature – it is truly durable and does not require frequent fixing of the lips make-up throughout the day. So, you do not have to worry that you will eat it during the lunch or imprint it on the coffee cup. That makes it very durable.

Kailijumei informs that considerable number of lipsticks has already run out. Currently available are three shades of the lipstick. Each of them has the flower embedded on the inside. What is more, lipsticks have beautiful red case, which on one side is flattened and equipped with a mirror.

Kailijumei lipstick costs £12. For some the price may seem excessive, especially if you take into consideration that oxidizing lipstick (only without flower inside) costs five times less. However, fans of make-up novelties are ready to pay any price for this gadget. Quietly, we count on fact that other brands may take on the idea of lipstick with a flower.

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