Become the master of contouring. Master Contour V-Shape Duo from Maybelline

Lately contouring became the top trend and an interesting way to gain the perfect shape of face and impeccable skin. If you care about this sort of appearance, try Master Contour V-Shape Duo from Maybelline. How does this magnificent cosmetic work?

Stick concealer Master Contour V-Shape Duo is a bit different than average cosmetics dedicated for face contouring. The cosmetic from Maybelline combines two shades: darker for camouflage of imperfections and lighter for underline of face assets. Both shades were chosen in aim to blend perfectly and not create smudges, spots or mask effect. What is more, the cosmetic lightens skin, conceals imperfections and makes make-up look just perfect. Master Contour V-Shape Duo has creamy consistency for easier application. Besides, the packaging of the stick is quite small – you can place it even in the smallest cosmetic bag and most of all use it all up before its expiry date.

How should you apply stick concealer Master Contour V-Shape Duo from Maybelline? Apply dark shade of the cosmetic on the jaw line and under the cheek bones. Chin, nose bridge, cheek bones and temples treat with light shade of the cosmetic. Blend it all thoroughly, so that concealer mix with the foundation. Only this way you will achieve the perfect face contour and the make-up of your dreams. What does face contouring can offer you? Thanks to this technique you can optically slim down face, make your nose and high forehead look smaller.

Unfortunately, Master Contour V-Shape Duo from Maybelline is not very durable. Under the influence of simple touch or high temperature, the cosmetic smudges and rubs off the skin surface. On top of that, thick stick does not allow application in some areas of face, like nostrils or corners of the lips. Cosmetic is not pigmented very well and the shades are rather delicate. If you care about more intense make-up, apply two layers of the product. Remember to blend it with the foundation with use of a brush or a sponge.

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