Do you think you can perform lip make-up? Take a look at the Instagram

Perfectly red lips are quite an achievement. Do you think you are lip make-up master, because you can draw the perfect line with one stroke of the lipstick? Vlada Haggerty will do it better and she will show you the result on the Instagram. Don’t look if prefer not to be jealous.

Works of Vlada Haggerty can make every woman doubt her skills. Application of vibrant plum lipstick without do-overs is quite an achievement, because to outline perfect lips contour with such a dark colour is really difficult. Knowing that some do things like that with their eyes closed, should motivate.

The collection of best works can be found on the Instagram @vladamua – the make-up artist systematically shows her artworks. Vlada Haggerty is a make-up girl and takes care of comprehensive make-up, but the greatest audience draw lips stylisations. Why? She performs them in truly amazing way!

Vlada lives in Los Angeles. This is one of World’s fashion and creativity capitals. Here, matter full and compelling lips. This make-up artist can transform them into miniature works of art. She acquired her skills while in Kiev, Ukraine. She got the passion for art from her mother, and then incorporated it into the make-up. First, she was performing her works on the lips of her friends and today she amazes with her make-up, fashion shows and photo shoots.

What are make-ups by Vlada like? These are incredibly beautiful paintings created with a lipstick and more. For some she uses also body paint and special cosmetics dedicated for professional make-up. If you never before seen lips in shape of a leaf, bee, or covered with interesting patterns and stylised for miniature paintings, you must necessarily take a look at this Instagram.

Lip make-ups created by Vlada Haggerty are amazing. No wonder, that this make-up artist has over 378 thousand followers. The lip art definitely deserves to be appreciated. Still not believe us, check @vladamua and see for yourself.

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